Love Comes slow & goes so fast.

3 Things I am Grateful for today:

  • 18/06/16:
  1. Getting a nice compliment to know how amazeball I am.
  2. Trying the shit wings.
  3. Not drinking coke.
  • 17/06/16:
  1. Not drinking coffee.
  2. Finishing early.
  3. Aunty doing the work.

2 Right things:

  • 18/06/16:
  1. Giving customers all.
  2. Doing my best even though I don’t want to.
  • 17/06/16:
  1. Finishing my food.
  2. Not fighting too much.

2 Things to improve on:

  • 18/06/16:
  1. My spending.
  2. My temper on that thing we call sister.

Daily affirmation:

  • I am weak because I will be strong

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