& then it came.

3 things I am grateful for:

  1. Having the most fruitful month of the year!
  2. Rounding the month off with the news I have been waiting for.
  3. My parents health.
  4. Pulling off a 24 hours fast despite all the food around me.
  5. Not eating any sweet in the midst of barrages of sweets.
  6. Doing plank 30/31 days.
  7. Having an exciting November to look forward to.

Did I do Everything today to make life better for Future Me?

  • Yes

2 things to improve on:

  1. Stop porn searching.
  2. Say no to those who offer you food.

Daily affirmation:

  • I am gonna be the best thing ever.


The most fruitful/productive month this year

Ending the month with good news.

My parents health.


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