Let’s begin

3 &> things I am grateful for:

  1. Not drinking coffee for a month.
  2. Waking up early today.
  3. Not doing anything related to porn on an off day.
  4. Packing my suitcase on my own for the first time.
  5. Mum, bindi and edenla helping me with the shopping.
  6. Getting injured on the first day of my off phase.
  7. Finding 80%  of the things I needed.
  8. Being done with November-one of the worst month of the year.

Did I do Everything today to make life better for Future Me?

  • Yes

2 things to improve on:

  1. Don’t be disorganised.
  2. Don’t eat like you have not eaten in months!

Daily affirmation:

  • I am gonna have an awesome time.

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