The random one in the Noon.

❤ things I am grateful for today:>

  1. Buying the Udemy MBA course.
  2. Being ultra productive during break time over the last 4 days..
  3. Doing my best to be there for Jordan.

<2 things to fix immediately:>

  1. Make life easier for people at work even though I don’t like any work here.
  2. Stop smoking on any of the day/date/month that rhymes with free.

❤ things I enjoyed today:>

  1. Working on me.
  2. Being helpful at work.
  3. Conditioning Cindy that if she is nice I am nicer.

<Daily affirmation:>

  • I have got this within me to be world best. And I believe in it fully and wholeheartedly.

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