Hours days weeks months years 

3 things I am thankful for today:

  1. Able to do the last 9 pullups & then 1 more. 
  2. Taking bindi’s suggestion & talking to mum dad and Justin abt the pressing issue at work. 
  3. My brain making me feel shit abt snoozing and forcing me out of bed.
  4. Larisa understanding the entire concept just from the video. 
  5. Roy’s awesome swot analysis!

2 things to fix immediately:

  1. Tone down on my awesomeness so that wrong people stop falling in love with me.
  2. Convince god to give me warning before tossing me into one hot soup after another.

3 things I enjoyed today:

  1. I love working on illustrator.
  2. Staring on c++. 
  3. Working out this morning 

Daily affirmation:

  • I’m my best option 

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