Uff load pocket fu

3 things I am grateful for :

  1. Santy for introducing Sidney Sheldon’s novel & changing my life forever.
  2. Opportunity to talk to Jordan this noon.
  3. The recovery of my burnt palm inside 12 hours just with traditional medication is the 8th wonder of the world.
  4. Mum’s banana cake’s smell filling up the house.

2 things to whatever immediately:

  1. Really wasn’t necessary to have 2nd diner at home! Why I do this to me?
  2. Listen to old people’s advice more often!(minus turning to christ bit)

3 amazeball of things happened today:

  1. I did my work almost diligently.
  2. Dad sending me link for Job.
  3. Talking to edenla.

Daily affirmation: i am:

  1. So great.
  2. Disciplined.
  3. Messed up


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