Things I am grateful for:

  1. Joel & Alex for introducing that one book that influenced the way that I am now.
  2. An opportunity to work on Illustrator and Programing on Raptor.
  3. Some people are really great actors and I should know better.
  4. Talking about everything I love talking about with Jordan at the void deck last night & edenla at the park on 01/01/2017

Things to do whatever, whenever, wherever, however:

  1. Let go of Mina for forever.
  2. Don’t tie my happiness to her.
  3. Worry about the shit job instead of the shit human being.

3 amazing things that happened today and I enjoyed:

  1. Meeting that girl.
  2. Getting better at Raptor.
  3. Morning talk with mum.

Daily Affirmation:

  • Why do I keep falling apart?

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