Panda go panda no

Things I am grateful for:

  1. Lynn for loving me when I was in the gutter.
  2. Opportunity to learn Web development.
  3. The sandwich by Aunty.

Things to do whatever, whenever, wherever, however:

  1. Cut down on eating when hungry.
  2. Learn visualisation.

3 amazing things that happened today and I enjoyed:

  1. Finally finishing “Think & grwo Rich”
  2. Smoking with JH.
  3. Relaxed morning.

Not having to wait for Mina’s message has lifted a load of me. Do I wish to speak to her? Maybe. I wish she loved me the way she pretended to be. But i guess I am better off without someone like that? I do not know. But I am happier than I used to be and we will find out the answer somewhere down the road!


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