Fuck your prayers & thoughts!

Every other month there’s an attack in a new city, people put their thoughts and prayers and change fb profile pictures (where applicable) and two days later life is back to normal for everybody but those directly affected.

Truth this thoughts and prayers are as useful as used tissue paper. None of these works. And they will never fix anything or make any form of impact on anyone.

What we need is not thoughts and prayers but fucking action to bury these motherfuckers 354345 feet underground. & for that we need the leaders of most powerful nations to come together and make a conscious decision. Decision to end this chaos by killing everybody in parent country of wherever they re operating from. Once you hit the shepherd the sheep will scatter. Yes there will be innocent lives lost but they are really collateral damage for the greater good of humanity. Because let’s face it, given their current circumstances and current world scenario they are less likely to make out alive and/or well intentioned human beings. ¬†Sometimes we have to be very very inhuman in order to be human.

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