Grateful|QOTD| Few women admit their age. Few men act theirs.

Things I am grateful for:

  • Mum’s new food recipe.
  • Adding new prop to our prototype successfully.
  • Talking to Naima after forever.

Things I need to fix whenever, wherever, however, whatever:

  • My ability to just sit here and consume so much useless knowledge when my ass is on fire is very disturbing and alarming.

Did I learn anything today that will propel me to take a mini step towards my bigger goal in life?

  • Yes. I learnt that while doing a tabata workout even 9kg dumbells are too heavy for me.


  • I am gonna be in control of my food intake and my last meal.


**Dear readers, if “Grateful | QOTD |” is written on my headline then that means the title has absolutely nothing to do with the content. The content is just simply my very private practice in public space-3 things I am grateful for that I took up about a year back when I literally had no positive to look for. The reason I continue to write it here is that I do believe from the bottom of my heart that I will make it big and when I do, I would like people to look back & get inspiration¬†from my struggling days and learn that it is never a continuous upward path & that overnight success is really a process of many nights of not giving up.

|QOTD: Quote of the day|


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