The most Badass paragraph anyone has ever written in a book!

As I was reading the acclaimed Robert Cialdini’s latest book Pre-suasion, I came across this paragraph that totally blew my mind. Simply because I have heard a lot of his podcast interviews while promoting this book and this particular bit no one spoke about which I really feel goes to show the validity of the book. Not that someone like him needs validation.

Just a lil bit of background. Prior to this he was talking about how sometimes just to close a crime case investigators ask leading questions that may make the innocent seem guilty and how to avoid that scenario.

Enter the badassest(?) paragraph:

“By the way, if you ever found yourself in the interview situation I described, and you chose to end the session and demand a lawyer, is there anything you might do to reduce police suspicions that you, therefore, have something to hide? I have a suggestion: blame me. Say that, although you’d like to cooperate fully on your own, you once read a book that urged you to consider extensive police questioning unsafe, even for innocent individuals. Go ahead, blame me. You can even use my name. What are the police going to do, arrest me on a trumped-up charge, bring me down to the stationhouse, and employ Machiavellian tactics to gain false confession? They’ll never win a conviction, because I will just find the camera* and move my chair.”

  • Here he suggested that “find the camera in the room, which will usually be above and behind the police officer. Then, move your chair. Position yourself so that the recording of the session will depict your face and your questioner’s face equally.”

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