Things I did for 21 days to get out of depression.

  1. Cut 20 minutes of Tv each day and replace it with inspiring TED talks.
  2. Cut 10 minutes of social media each day and replaced with the books I am supposed to be reading when I bought 25 of them at beginning of this year.
    • Also changing my Facebook news feed such a way that I can only see articles from news sites first. To see activities of my colleagues I’d literally have to scroll for 3 minutes. And given how lazy I am, it worked. I was less stress and more ignorant about stuff I did not need to know anyway.
  3. Cut 5 minutes of whining to an end-of-day gratitude journal.
  4. Never go more than 2 days without exercise.
  5. Stop comparing my life to others. Simply because I have no idea what their journey is all about.
  6. Stopped buying stuff I don’t need.
  7. Stopped expecting anything from anyone.
  8. Created a checklist of things I would like to do and reviewed what I did end of every night.
    • It could be that I want to do 10 push ups in the morning or climb stairs. By handwriting them at the beginning of the month and seeing the tick marks or not seeing them gave me more motivation and also made me realise what are the habits I want to instill or no need to instill in me.
  9. Accepted the fact that everyone is going through their own version of hell.
  10. Accepted and saw things as they were.
    • Reading Thinking Fast and Slow really helped to change the wiring of my brain and think things through. And the impact of the book remains almost a year and a half later.
  11. Write down 10 ideas a day. Inspired by James Altucher’s book Choose Yourself.
  12. Work my non-existential creative muscle by “drawing” on illustrator like the image there.
  13. Shower whenever feeling unmotivated.

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