10 things that they say require zero talent but I say there’s more to’em then meet the eyes

So the last couple of days I have been seeing this “10 things that require zero talent to execute” all over instagram and twitter, posted by people I consider influential based on their followers and their work. But no one gets that just because something requires zero talent it is equal to zero effort. And an effort is what requires a whole lot of heart which in turn is way harder than cultivating talent.  What truly requires zero talent and zero effort is sleep. But obviously, it did not make it to the list.

And here is my break down on them and what they should say before they produce lists like this in today’s’ time and age. I have rated the hardness of each of them relative to my effort requirements on a scale of 1 to 5. Where 5 is the hardest and 1 being the easiest.

  1. Being on time.
    • It is a lot of effort and requires continuous discipline and always underestimating yourself in order to be on time. Hardness level: 4
  2. Work Ethic
    • For us millennials, it is more about how the employee treats the employer than just doing the job because that is the right thing to do regardless of employees behaviour and treatment. Hardness level: 4
  3. Effort.
    • Laziness and smartphones overwrite every logical behaviour so this one needs a whole lot of effort to put in the Effort. Hardness level: 4
  4. Body Language
    • At least 21 days of conscious effort  -while awake- is needed to monitor how we sit and walk in private and public. Hardness level: 4
  5. Energy.
    • It doesn’t come naturally. But again requires some effort to be able to get in the zone. Hardness level: 2.5
  6. Attitude
    • Okay this one is easy. Hardness level: 1
  7. Passion
    • You really cannot just randomly develop a passion for anything that comes your way. There has to be a very strong “why” for passion to be developed. Hardness level: 5
  8. Being coachable
    • Alright, this is the only one that requires zero effort but also needs zero egos. Hardness level: 0.5
  9. Doing extra
    • “Why” plays a very important role here. Why would anyone want to do extra? What is it that they will accomplish? Is the work they are doing gonna pay off personally in the future or monetarily in present? Hardness level: 4
  10. Being prepared.
    • This one is mostly easy as you can always start prepping for almost anything you want and get the basics right. Requires some level of self-discipline.  Hardness level: 2

Do tell, what your take is on this matter. Thank you.


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