Grateful|QOTD|I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done!

Things I am grateful for:

  • Ebola finally starting 21 days grateful practice.
  • Dragging myself to workout just now eventhough it wasn’t one of my best sess.
  • Movie date with the fam.
  • Reading this article by Inc and emailing Gordon and getting his awesome ass validation for our ugly ass but awesome product.

Things I need to fix whenever, wherever, however, whatever:

  • Stop using the current situation as an excuse to do whatever I like since I do not even feel as bad as I make it sound to be. (I am a jackass)

Did I do everything today to take a mini step towards my bigger goal in life?

  • Yes I sent out some mails made some calls to continuously work on my fear of cold calling or even normal calling friends when asking for help.


  • I will come back stronger and make my parents proud in 3 years time. Or die trying.

|QOTD: Quote of the day|

**Dear readers, if “Grateful | QOTD |” is not written on my headline then that means I the title has absolutely nothing to do with the content. It is just my very private practice in a public space. Because I do believe from the bottom of my heart that I will make it big and that day I would like people to look back & get inspiration from my struggling days and learn that it is never a continuous upward path.



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