Stuff “pundits” said before Wright brothers took the skies and changed the dynamic of the world

NY time 8 days before the flight(not aware of it):

The chances for a human to take the skies is “maybe 1 to 10 million years”  and a “man could build a flyable plane”

1889, Detroit Free Press: a full blown article saying why it appears impossible to make one:

We must admit that a bird is an incomparable model of a flying machine. No machine that we may hope to devise, for the same weight of machine, fuel, and directing machine, thus perfected through infinite ages by a ruthless process of natural selection, reaches its limit of weight at about fifty pounds. I said “weight of machine, fuel and directing brain.” here is another prodigious advantage of the natural over the artificial machine. The flying animal is its own engineer. the flying machine must carry its engineer. the directing engineer in the former(the brain) is perhaps an ounce, in the later, it is 130 pounds. The limit of the flying animal is fifty pounds.

There are millions of other such predictions that were made back then and are being made today by these so called “pundits/gurus.” And the reason there are so many of them at any given point of time is that charlatan is such a difficult word to spell and pronounce.

The truth is no one really knows anything about anything. It is really all about making a bunch of random guesses and see what comes true and then delete any other wrong predictions from existence to be known as a visionary sometimes.

I am pretty sure there are hundreds of thousands of such tale and they (pundits) have all been proven wrong. I am reading the book “The Originals” by Adam Grant and there too he talks about the fallacy of the gurus.

All I am really trying to say is that no matter what anyone else says you have to have enough conviction and will power and faith to do what you believe is to be true without having any form of sunken cost attached to them. Only you can be the judge of your product and belief and work. And deep down you always know when it is time to give up. If after a year of trying you have not given up means it is not time yet..

I wish you all the best. See you in the comments. 🙂


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