Challenges I intend to crush this week.

Since I graduated from university in 2014, I have not met a single Monday where I felt the proverbial “Monday blues.” Maybe because my first job as an aerospace engineer in Nepal to as production engineer in Singapore to a chef I never had the weekends off. So I am pretty okay with working on Mondays. In addition, ever since I have started my own renewable energy company with dad every day is a Monday.  So I cannot afford to dread it.

But of late I am struggling with my daily tasks as I have the luxury of so much time that I end up not doing anything. Hence, I thought if I put it up like this my brain just might auto force me to be accountable for not getting my work done.

Hence this experiment which I will do for the next 4 Mondays days to see my progress & success rate.

I hope you too not dread the dreadful Monday. Because like it or not it will come. So might as well take it head on & make this day+week your bitch. Have a great productive week.

Enter the work I intend to crush :

  1. Complete the video editing for captain planet.
    • For this, I need to nail my After Effect tutorial videos to get the basics straight. Windows media player isn’t gonna cut it anymore.
  2. Complete the presentation for the pitching to the investors.  & a 10 slide deck.
  3. Spend less time on lurking around WordPress/fetlife/torrent.
  4. Do not check stats 120 times a day.
  5. Complete the PHP tutorial challenge.
  6. Fix the damn wardrobe door.
  7. Bring down OneTab’s total collection from 201 tabs to 185.
  8. About time I find a way to send Edenla her luggage back.



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