All good news!

After posting this article I realised I am being super ungrateful by pointing out all the negatives that are encapsulating my life. Though they have been some major major big events I cannot and must not overlook all the positives. Hence the list.

  • Gordon Miller absolutely loving our product. In his words “I absolutely fucking loved it! How about that as an analysis.”
  • In last 6 weeks, each and every investor that we pitched to loved our idea.
  • Mr Mookherji coming on board for marketing of Dad’s diagnostic kit and our concept in his ships.
  • Getting the opportunity to pitch to 6 more potential investors in next 2 weeks.
  • Having 3 job interviews lined up for me.
  • Edenla not being egoistic and being the better/bigger person and forgiving me despite saying so much shit out of spite and childishness.
  • Having the biggest business owner in Bangladesh wanting to invest in our product and showing us the places we can start working immediately.
  • Having the blessings of so many people around.**

**Now I wonder that over the last 2 years I have had a lot of blessing from many people. & this by far has been the worst phase of my life. So I am thinking maybe God is pissed off with them. And since they are praying for me, God is just taking revenge? So I would like to humbly request everyone to stop praying for me.  TQVM.


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