Challenges I intend to crush this Week I

Apparently, the method works for most of us is social pressure. Tell everyone that you are going to do something, and you will likely do what you can to avoid the embarrassment of being someone who doesn’t keep their word.


Hence, I started this project about a month back and had intended to continue for 4 consecutive Mondays. But since when life goes according to plan? Actually, scratch that. It was not life’s fault because I knew what was about to transpire in the coming weeks and yet I undertook it and failed to follow through.

I am more settled now. So I will restart and do this for the coming 4 Mondays to see if I put it up like this my brain just might auto force me to be accountable for not getting my work done.

I hope you too not dread the dreadful Monday. Because like it or not it will come. So might as well take it head on & make this day+week your bitch. Have a great productive week.

The challenges I intend to crush:

  1. Start the Web Design assignment I was assigned last week.
  2. Start the magazine cover Photoshopping I was assigned to me last month!
  3. Eat no sweets.
  4. Start Working out regularly.
  5. Practice fasting for a week like Jonathan did.
  6. Start my daily routines.

6 thoughts on “Challenges I intend to crush this Week I

  1. Oh, you have big plans, good luck with them! 🙂 Do you mean actual fasting? 😮 And are they meant for this week or are you planning to do them within the next month?

    Social pressure worked for me as well haha I did the 365 self-project and making it so public stopped me from quitting 😂

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  2. Thank you 🙂 I mean 24 hours of fasting for a week with one meal a day and plenty of water. Basically, my friend lost around 2 kilos in a week by fasting and working out. So we want to repeat that experiment and do some variations to see what is the optimum dose.

    Yeah, I have seen some of the posts and they are very motivational! 🙂 I do hope it works for me too. 🙂


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