Brain Food.

Some articles I have read which seemed to be a collection of signal in a world full of noise. Enjoy.

Just keep moving forward.

Until you think you’re putting your life in danger, just keep going. Until you have proved to yourself that you are stronger than everyone else who has attempted what you’re attempting, just keep going. Until your being is completely shattered and you’re on the verge of an emotional breakdown, just keep going. Until you’ve reached your absolute physical, human limit, until you’ve squeezed every drop of value out of the fruit you’re chasing, and until you are certain without a single doubt in the universe that absolutely nothing positive or worthy can come from what you’re doing, just keep going.

Do not stop. Just keep going.

Something I struggle with on daily basis with my blog. Do I have a there?

It’s essential that we cultivate this ability to stop and look objectively at our own work. One must step back from it and say: Am I really doing good work here? What do I stand for? Am I actually moving towards masteryIs there any substance to what I am doing?

How to live your 24 hours daily

The idea that you can reinvent yourself each hour of the day is liberating. We get stuck in ruts and tell ourselves that we cannot change because we are too old, too young, too poor, too tied down. These are only excuses. They absolve us from responsibility. Bennett reminds us that just as money can be spent on anything, so can time. And, as Seneca reminded us, most of us fail to understand time until it’s too late.

…Replace seeing friends for texting them, cards for video games, a book for a movie, a stroll for a trip to the gym and that is how most of us spend our evenings. Worn out by work, we flirt between whichever diversion seems interesting, dumping it when it begins to require focus. Then, suddenly it is time to sleep. Another day is over. But tomorrow will be different, right? Not without a concentrated effort, it won’t.

As more time passes, I agree more on this now about dating than ever before.

You may be one of the lucky few who got dating to work, likely from meeting someone in your social circle, but for every one success story, there are a dozen people who are failing or will fail in their marriage goals. Simply pull up a map of the world divorce rate and you’ll see a near perfect correlation of divorce with countries that permit widespread dating before marriage. In fact, any country that uses dating as a mechanism of pair bonding will inevitably suffer from cultural collapse, because they have no choice but to allow massive third-world immigration, often from incompatible cultures, to make up for the population shortfall.

Have a Wonderful weekend.

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