I haven’t been doing much reading of late or doing gratitude training simply because life is great and I am uber busy with my job. I would love to write about all that soo. But for now here are few articles to rewire your brain wirings.

Rituals rituals rituals. Do they work? Does visualisation work?

You won’t believe how much I would hit the snooze button in the past. In fact, I would snooze so often that the alarm on my phone would just give up. The hardcore snoozers know what I’m talking about. Hit snooze so often and you win.

No one – not a single person out of a thousand – said that to be happy you should try to work as hard as you can to make money to buy the things you want.

All of you, when young, will make your own history: you will struggle, you will betray some and others will betray you. You will love and lose love. You will feel profound joy and deep sorrow and during all of this you will grow as an individual. That’s why it is your duty when you get old to tell the young about your odyssey across the vast ocean of your life. It is why when death does come for me – even if it mauls me with decrepitude before it takes me – I will not lament either my old age or my faded youth. They were just different times of the day when I stood in the sun and felt the warmth of life.

A risk is unfair and unforgiving.

We think Mark Zuckerberg is a genius for turning down a big offer to sell his company. But people criticize Groupon and Yahoo! with as much passion for turning down their big buyout offers. What is the lesson for entrepreneurs here?

All about risk

Risk hides in the familiar and screams loudly in the unknown.Somebody somewhere is texting while driving about the risk of nuclear war.

Keeping the child inside alive

Johnson feels that children’s fearlessness to create during play time offers an important lesson for adults, too. When they fail or deviate from their original idea when drawing, children tend to simply “go with it.” Fostering that bold creativity and fearlessness — in the hopes that they will maintain it into adulthood — is the goal of initiatives like The Monster Project and Emily Pilloton’s Project H Design.

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