Little by Little.

Things I am grateful for:

  1. For Mr. Ong to help fix our prototype.
  2. Uber for being so affordable in short distance.
  3. The avocado and watermelon!

Things i need to fix whenever, wherever, however, whatever:

  • I am wasting a lot of time looking for movies and blog post! Gotta tone down.
  • Start using the standing desk.

Did I do everything today to take a mini step towards my bigger goal in life?

  • I did pray. And work out. But 70%?


  • I am all I need and I will be the best version of myself I fantasise about soon.

Grateful Practice back on.

Things I am grateful for:

  • Going for Marie’s art exhibition even though I know nothing about art.
  • Finally working on getting this blogpost notice.
  • Bindi getting the engineering scholarship.

Things I need to fix whenever, wherever, however, whatever:

  • Stop finding pornstars on twitter.

Did I do everything today to take a mini step towards my bigger goal in life?

  • Yes.


  • I am going to be the best version of myself and help people around me in all ways possible.

Is there life beyond clickbaite?

I was listening to wired’s podcast and could not help but think will there ever be a way forward without the click bait scam. What if I take it for the team and click on the click bates and then reveal the truth? Like here is what he/she said/wore. And it’s shocking. Instead, I write down there is nothing worth your time.

But then I think about the people who need these clicks to earn some sort of living/generate revenues. At the end isn’t it all about bread and butter? Or perhaps there is a better way of doing it?

My different personalities in different social media!

This has never occurred to me, to my conscious mind. Though subconsciously I have been practising it for the last 7 years. But today was the day the two minds met. And what a revelation that was.

As I was browsing twitter I suddenly came across a retweet by Jordan Harbinger of the great Neil Strauss. What startled me was that I realised I was not following him on Twitter. As far as I knew I thought I was following him on Twitter and on Instagram. But turns out it was just on Instagram. So as I go into his Twitter account to do some following it hit me!! He was the first person other than me that I am aware of who does this. (Seth Godin does it too to an extent)

His twitter account was completely different from his Instagram account. Now most celebrities and normal people usually post the same thing on each of their social networking sites. But not Neil. His Twitter account contained completely different information from his insta. & that was such a revelation to me. Because just then I had realised that, that is exactly how I operate and people should too. Because ultimately everyone of these networking sites is meant for somewhat different purposes and groups. And it is boring to see the same work on each of your site making it completely useless to follow that person on all the sites (let’s forget about social media marketing and timing and bombardment for now).

I rarely post the picture on Instagram that is tagged on Facebook and vice versa. My twitter account is like that of a 12-year-old boy. I follow only the closest friends and many strangers there and I am not scared of being judged there. My Facebook profile is that of an (at least I would like to think) cool high school guy who thinks saying only relevant and less is the way to go so that I do not get judged by every tom dick and harry I ever crossed path with. My Instagram is where I only follow big shots and let the extreme close friends of twitter follow me. Here I am still finding my way. And my LinkedIn is where I act like my true age and maturity and am all “oh yeah I am an adult now” bullshit.

I believe this way we can keep things very interesting for ourselves and people that are kind enough to follow us. Most of the people I follow on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are celebrities and what not. And it got really annoying when I see the same material being posted on each site. And that is when I stop following them on 2. I do not know the point of this article but I do know that we should be more creative in our use of social networking site for our own sake.

Now take this blog for example. I have been writing it for over a year now and never have I ever told anyone about it or posted it on any social media sites. Mainly because of my fear of judgement by even those close friends that are on my insta and twitter. This is where I am hoping to write the raw, genuine stuff without fear of being judged by strangers.

And so I am living a total of 5 personalities and that ensures I do not chew on the same message across each neither do I send out the same message across each. I know form a marketing perspective this is a terrible idea but over a long term this might be a great one.



The Beginner’s Guide to Intermittent Fasting – 2017 Update — Blog – Nerd Fitness

This is pure gold. As someone who has been researching on intermittent fasting this article alone hits the home run.

I had read from Tim Ferriss’s blog but it was just one awesome blog post and the fact that this blog post validates Tim’s gives me more confidence into trying out intermittent fasting with more conviction.

“…But Tony the Tiger tells us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Grrrrrreat!” This rule has become so commonplace throughout the society as a whole – especially in the health and fitness industry – that it’s readily accepted as fact: “Want to lose weight? Make sure you start off with a…

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World’s largest country doing her job in keeping up with the climate change! Bravo.

“The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function” said the late professor Albert Bartlett. We’re just not very good at projecting growth into the future. We tend to underestimate it and then be surprised by how large things have become. Often that’s bad things, ending in shortage or […]

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